Welcome to Ulysses Records, a provider of Creative Interactivity, Web Solutions, System Development, Business Software, Business Project Management, Australian Overseas Education And Training. You can access the Japanese version of this web site here.


Project Management System

Project management system developed in PHP/MySQL that enables easy management of project asset and resources. The plug-in feature allows developers to write their own system modules so that specific business dependent features can be integrated to the main system.

System Development

System Development including development of desktop applications, dynamic websites using open source products such as Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL, layout and graphic design, animations, 3D modeling, HTML/JavaScript coding, publishing online.

Australian Overseas Education And Training

Centre for Australian Overseas Education And Training. Study abroad in Australia using our Blue Sky Study agency.


Games, Development Tools And Documentations

Play games that we have developed during the past few years. Game development has been one of our major tools to communicate with developers around the world and to experiment along with other aspects of entertainment that connects to creative business.


Product Documentation

Product Documentation page provides documentation including instructions, tutorials and knowledge base of products released by Ulysses Records.